STEP 1: Start with one cabinet at a time! Start sorting through things in that cabinet. Now make boxes that say:


The key in organizing is to make it fun & not to overwhelm yourself. As you go through your cabinets, sort things into your boxes.

TO DONATE: When you are finished, immediately take your boxes for donation to your car & take them to the place you're donating or call the place you are donating to and arrange for them to pick up your stuff.

TO TRASH: Take your trash out immediately & don't look back!

TO THINK ABOUT: Now - there is your think about it box. If you haven't used it in the past year - then my motto is "LOSE IT!"

TO STORE: Go out and buy some storage containers, preferably clear ones with a lid. Walmart always seems to have the best price on these, sometimes Target. Put your stuff in the containers & make a label on the end of the container that says what it is. Now take it to your basement, garage, storage shed, or wherever you store your stuff & stack it neatly.

TO KEEP: Now we are left with the stuff that you want to keep!

STEP 2: Now - let's look at everything you have left in each cabintet! I put the things that I use the most closest to me in the kitchen. Here's how I have organized my cabinets:

Cans & Jars

Glassware That I Use Daily

Glassware For Special Occations

Oil, Olive Oil, Vinegars, Salad Fixings, & Nuts

Plates, Bowls, & Saucers

Pots & Pans

Serving Bowls (Glass & Plastic)

Storage Containers


Kitchen Tools
(Like: Can Opener, Wine Bottle Opener, Garlic
Presses, & My Pampered Chef Stuff)

Measuring Cups & Spatulas

Pan Turners

Serving Spoons

Silverware - All Spoons

Silverware - All Forks & Knives

Towels & Wash Cloths

Pet Food

STEP 3: Now - let's put it all away! Take care to put things back in your cabinet neatly! Put like things together. Let's take vegetables for instance. Put them back in your cupboard by type and put them in straight lines & stack them if possible. This makes it easier to find what you need quickly, plus helps you when you are making a grocery list. It's nice to look into your cupboard and to know what you have quickly without having to dig around for it.