STEP 1: Start with one cabinet at a time! Start sorting through things in that cabinet. Now make boxes that say:


The key in organizing is to make it fun & not to overwhelm yourself. As you go through your cabinets, sort things into your boxes.

TO DONATE: When you are finished, immediately take your boxes for donation to your car & take them to the place you're donating or call the place you are donating to and arrange for them to pick up your stuff.

TO TRASH: Take your trash out immediately & don't look back!

TO THINK ABOUT: Now - there is your think about it box. If you haven't used it in the past year - then my motto is "LOSE IT!"

TO STORE: Go out and buy some storage containers, preferably clear ones with a lid. Walmart always seems to have the best price on these, sometimes Target. Put your stuff in the containers & make a label on the end of the container that says what it is. Now take it to your basement, garage, storage shed, or wherever you store your stuff & stack it neatly.

TO KEEP: Now we are left with the stuff that you want to keep!

STEP 2: Now let's take all the stuff that you have left to keep and start organizing it into categories of like items. Here are some categories I used in doing my office and my friend, Jill's office:

-Computer Paper, Labels, Photo Paper
-Computer Ribbons
-Dry Erase Markers
-Paper Clips & Misc. Clips
-Permanent Markers
-Post It Notes
-Stapler, Stapler Refills, & Stapler

Take your like items and start organizing them into your containers.

STEP 3: When you're done place the containers in your desk or your office and enjoy your organized space!!! Remember one little thing: If you get it out - put it back!!! It takes just 30 days to make a new habit or break an old one! Also, it takes the same time to get something out and to put something back. A picked up space looks like a clean space to others eyes!